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  • “We would like to thank you and your staff for your continued support and efforts in terms of an eTeaching solution and digital course creation. This has been a very great help to us.”


    (C) 2020 EURONET

  • “Thanks to your team. The ease of use of the video conferences you offer has completely won over our staff.”

    (C) 2020 EURONET

    Carsten Eberlein
    IT Support
  • By providing us so promptly with your online teaching solution 3CX, which enables us to offer courses digitally, we are able to prepare our high school graduates in the most efficient way for the upcoming final exams. For this tremendous opportunity we as a high school would like to thank to you and your employees very much.

    (C) 2020 EURONET

    Frank Gleichmann
  • Pain Free Deployment in a Matter of Hours

    With the help of 3CX Titanium Partner, ISP-EURONET and Value Add Distributor headON, the transition to 3CX took place without failure in 10 hours with no problems. To ensure smooth sailing, all preparatory measures….

    Stephen Johannes
    Network Telecommunications Manager
    Landkreis Rhön-Grabfeld
  • The Chips Fall into Place

    ISP-EURONET, a 3CX Premium Partner in Steinbach near Frankfurt am Main, Germany, provided an offer to Chip One in early March 2011. Chip One selected 3CX Phone System over Siemens and Swyx systems, and on 22 April 2020 the company awarded ISP-EURONET the contract for 3CX Enterprise Edition 128 CC and 64 CC. ISP-EURONET…..

    Marcus Hoffmann
    IT Manager
  • Migrating to High-Performance, Multi-feature PBX

    Axivas achieved all its objectives with the 3CX Pro Edition, Axivas CIO Jörg Schwarz commented.

    “With the implementation of 3CX we were able to replace the traditional and costly Siemens system fast and easy. The seamless migration was realized….successfully with no losses. And the new system is high-performance, cost-efficient, professional yet uncomplicated” said Axivas CIO Jörg Schwartz.

    Jörg Schwarz